What holds you back.

Marianne Williamson said, years ago on a Hay House Cruise, that until we clear out the clutter in our lives, metaphorically and literally, we can’t make room for anything new. It’s a simple thing, really, but our ego often refuses to put down some of the unnecessary or even harmful things we carry, preventing us from opening the gate. The gate to what?

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Don’t forget about the T

  A favorite mixed drink of mine, partly for its light taste and partly for its low carbs, is a vodka tonic and since discovering Tanqueray last winter; a gin and tonic too. Throw in a lemon or lime wedge and you’ve got a sparkling, clean, refreshing mixed drink.

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In the Night Garden

Twilight. That exquisite period after sunset between daylight and darkness, is too often, for many of us, a missed opportunity to be outside in the garden. If you haven’t been under the spell lately of twilight, with its not yet starry sky, when the hot summer sun has disappeared beneath the horizon; orange, pink, and then a soft silver blue still linger until that ethereal twilight blue deepens the canvas into a night sky……then seriously? Make it a priority. Is there anything as rich as a summer night? A summer night is the rewarding, refreshing dessert to be savored after

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the energy of trees

Have you ever stood at the base of a Redwood? Walked a path through a cathedral of Sequoia? Read in the shade of an Oak? Leaned against the trunk of a backyard tree at night when trees can feel your wishes?

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Dig. Stretch. Drink.

DIG, STRETCH, DRINK. Three words that will take you a long way toward happier, healthier gardening this summer. My lower back and knees don’t let me garden for more than about 30 minutes before I have to stand and stretch.   And I only have a little patch of a garden dotted with several pots of annuals. Stretching, keeping hydrated, utilizing the right muscles and tools, and incorporating stretches into your gardening tasks can keep aches and pains away. In an article in Phoenix Magazine (May, 2015), Scott Bautch, D.C. says, “Anytime you’re doing activities your body is not used

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Today’s Special

An uncollected poem from Rilke; perfect for June.     Wild Rosebush   How it stands there against the dark   of this late rainy hour, young and clean,   swaying its generous branches   yet absorbed in its essence as rose;   with wide-open flowers already appearing,   each unsought and each uncared-for.   So, endlessly exceeding itself   and ineffably from itself come forth,   it calls the wanderer, who in evening contemplation   passes on the road:   Oh see me standing here, see how unafraid I am   and unprotected.   I have all I need

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