Four steps to create a mobile meditation space

Here I find myself on the road again. In a hotel again. Texas this time, Dallas, then Waco, then Austin, y’all. So, travel. Are you someone who loves it? It’s one of my favorite indulgences (or is it a necessity?) in this world. There are so many beautiful places, different climates and landscapes, so many interesting people and different cultures (even within the U.S.) to experience. I always learn so much, have so much fun, enjoy different foods and relish the feeling of exploring new landscapes. What’s not to love? Well the one thing I missed, was a quiet space

Behind every favorite song…

When someone asks, “what’s your favorite song?” Well, that’s a tough one. Choosing a favorite song is like being asked to choose a favorite child. In both cases, by the way, it can depend on the day. And behind every favorite song is a story. Am I right? Some stories are untold and held vividly in our mind’s eye and heart, others we might enjoy telling over and over.

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NASA, girls and the greatest wonder of all

  Ahh, NASA. To infinity and beyond. Space exploration. My daughter works at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She’s a pilot and a marketing guru and deeply involved in the world of drones or perhaps more accurately, how drones will become more and more a part of our world, and how to regulate, safely manage and also dream about the possibilities they present.

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There is no meditative practice.

We can establish a meditation practice, but why? Why do we begin? To get in touch with our inner thoughts? To loosen those thoughts from any stranglehold they may have on us? To notice that we are sleeping a little better? That we have become more patient, a little calmer, less reactive or jumpy? For our health because we’ve heard the practice can naturally reduce blood pressure, be healthy for our heart and lungs, calm the nervous system, etc.? To be a nicer person? These are all good, legitimate reasons to meditate.   And knowing this, we may decide to

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A Prosperity Primer

  For the prosperous, it’s not about getting more stuff or having more stuff, it’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want.   Freedom is the greatest prosperity. Freedom to breathe fully. Freedom to choose one thought over another. Freedom to love as fully as my heart desires. Freedom to stand taller than my circumstances without fear. Freedom to grow. Freedom to learn. Freedom to be aware. Freedom to be in the present moment. Freedom to meditate and be still. Freedom to make choices that allow me to spend my time in ways that are enriching

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What to see on a road trip

I love a road trip. I love the things I see, really see, you know, that deep down in your soul kind of sight, while moving across the landscape. I’ve taken many road trips with my husband and recently road tripped across the country with my daughter. I used to road trip with my four kids in tow. I’ve road tripped up and down the Oregon coast on a couple occasions with different girlfriends. My parents took me and my siblings on more road trips than I can count when we were kids and were still at it when we

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Beneath the moonlight

You couldn’t help but notice the moon last night on our walk. From the trees above us there were birds we couldn’t see chirping and calling to one another. The air was a perfect cool temperature. But, ahhh, it was the moon that captivated us. ” You know, Monday, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in 68 years,”said my husband. He often carries interesting bits of information like this around with him. And he knows I love our world at night and am entranced with the moon and her constant compansionship with all of us. So the

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