What to see on a road trip

I love a road trip. I love the things I see, really see, you know, that deep down in your soul kind of sight, while moving across the landscape. I’ve taken many road trips with my husband and recently road tripped across the country with my daughter. I used to road trip with my four kids in tow. I’ve road tripped up and down the Oregon coast on a couple occasions with different girlfriends. My parents took me and my siblings on more road trips than I can count when we were kids and were still at it when we

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Beneath the moonlight

You couldn’t help but notice the moon last night on our walk. From the trees above us there were birds we couldn’t see chirping and calling to one another. The air was a perfect cool temperature. But, ahhh, it was the moon that captivated us. ” You know, Monday, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in 68 years,”said my husband. He often carries interesting bits of information like this around with him. And he knows I love our world at night and am entranced with the moon and her constant compansionship with all of us. So the

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We are the weavers of our lives.

We are like the spider. We weave our life and then move along in it. We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives in the dream. This is true for the entire universe. -The Upanishads   We determine so much of our lives. We hold the key to our reality. How big or small do we frame our lives? What do we tell ourselves about what we can or cannot have? About where we can or cannot go? About what we can or cannot do?   The Upanishads? They are a collection of texts that contain the core

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Spelling Bee – Eleutheromania

Eleutheromania (n.) an intense and irresistible desire for freedom. Use in a sentence? I sometimes work at, and other times enjoy, the eleutheromania that resides in my soul. Don’t you? Don’t we all in one way or another? I’m telling you, we all do. Our souls, our spirits, long to fly free; be all they can be, expand into fullness we’re meant to experience. While we certainly are the incredibly rich recipients of freedom by our mere residency in the United States…..free to work and live and worship where and how we choose and live every day with freedoms many

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The sunset doesn’t care

We went to the gardens the other night to enjoy the sunset because it’s such a beautiful way to end the day. How often do we enjoy them? Not often enough, I’m afraid. It often takes some intention, especially to pack up a drink or two, a snack or two, and to take time to specifically observe an event that occurs so regularly we can easily overlook it. I brought paints and captured some of the beauty around us there in the garden. We enjoyed the play of light on the rain curtain water sculpture as it slowly faded from

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  The soul is here for its own joy. -Rumi   We’re all spinning on this beautiful blue planet moving through space around a star. How often do you ponder that?

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How do you want to feel?

I’ve written here often about healthy, organic food wisdom and choices. Lamented that we don’t cook and bake and prepare more food at home. Admonished slowing down and really tasting our food. I love the cooking of food, the chopping, the squeezing juices out of this fruit or that, the broiling, the mixing, the aromas, the coming together of a meal.   But then there’s the mess. Ugh. The flour trailings, the pieces of vegetable that rolled or otherwise escaped to the floor, the sticky spots, the splatters on the stove and of course, that inevitable stack of dirty dishes, pots,

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