the unimaginable

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. -Mary Oliver And so, in every exceptional, beautiful, expansive, joyful, delightful, makes you close your eyes and sigh deeply at the possibility of it kind of way. keep an open heart. Let the air and the light in. Throw away any key that might lock it or tie that might tightly bind it . Close your eyes, breathe deeply and see your detailed vision. Feel, really feel, the unimaginable – whatever that is for you. Let it sparkle in your mind’s eye. Your heart is meant to hold such pleasures. Joys

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Overheard in the garden

“Is it called a garden because there are lots of plants, Grandma?” asks the little boy as he hops and stops and bends and sniffs, looks up to the treetops and under leafy growth in the mulch and turns eventually to see if his grandmother is still close behind. “That’s the story,” she replies. And they continue on their way. I’m charmed by this little exchange as I pass them on the garden path.   This is how we learn as children. Piece by piece. Experience by experience. Everything’s fantastic and interesting and there’s something new around each bend. Curiosity

these six words.

There was one unobtrusive moment, when Wayne Dyer awoke from sleep in the pre-dawn hours (as he was wont to do) just before he slipped his feet into the sandals by his bedside, when he closed his eyes and said softly, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I knew I’d remember that. These six words, on the mornings I’m mindful enough to whisper them the very first thing in the morning, have made a big difference in my attitude and gratitude and outlook and interactions. “Thank you.” “Thank you.” “Thank you.” Then I settle in with a morning meal and

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By now you are wise.

Know that you are an anchor and a light for many around you. Let this not be a burden, let this be your strength.   I went to a spiritual intuit who channeled information that I’m a healer and a light worker. This came as a surprise to me. Afterward it felt like so much pressure….. What should I be doing? And healing? Where should I be shining this proverbial light? Until I realized, through being still, praying and meditating on it, that I’m doing what I should be doing. I just had to get over myself, already. Get out

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