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When you have all that you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.   We all have enough, don’t we? In fact, we all have more than we need. There is certainly plenty to go around. We have a daughter who is motorcycling her way through southeast Asia — by herself. She is brave and adventurous and loves that part of the world; loves the humble, generous people she meets. She’s told her Dad and I many stories of strangers she’s met, who usually have so little, yet always offer her a meal (often lodging for the night,


The mystery of love is the mystery of our lives. The energy of love is what enriches our lives. We move from dust to dust, with love being the thing that matters, in between. Love. It’s the last word of this; my blog. And I realized this morning; that’s appropriate. Because love does, after all and in the end, remain the last word. Love makes us strong. Love lets us go on. Love makes us sing. My parents shared just shy of 64 years of a remarkable marriage. Just shy because my mother passed unexpectedly in December and their anniversary

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Parting Thoughts

How I’ve loved the last four years in the Pacific Northwest. How I’ve loved the abundance of green and the prolific gardens. We’ve been tucked in Salem, an hour from the quirky fun of Portland, an hour from the radiant beauty of the powerful Pacific and an hour from the gift of time with my oldest son near Eugene. Oregon, in a word, has been gentle. I’ve felt nurtured and calm and held here. I’ve written about and photographed its beauty for different publications. My soul has thrived. I’ve seen my husband transform and come into his own in ways

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In those simple relationships of loving husband and wife,   affectionate sisters,   children and grandmother,   there are innumerable shades of sweetness   and anguish   which make up the pattern of our lives   day by day.   -Willa Cather  

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