I’m 87 years old as I write this.

Well, I’m imagining I am, taking a few minutes to get myself in that mindset, before I write my current self this letter.

What would I say?

What would I tell myself to go for?

What would I tell myself to release?

At 87, what makes me most proud?

What makes me the happiest?

What, at 87, do I wish I’d done?

Not regret – because I’m too wise at 87 to waste time on regret – but what do I wish I’d done?

What things would I remind my current self are not important?

How would I encourage my current self to spend my days?

It can be a life changing letter to write.

I encourage you to take some time to try it.


Then put it in a nice envelope, address it to your marvelous self and tuck it away.
But not too far away.
I’m going to pull mine out now and then.
Remind myself.

In fact, now I’m going to write one to myself at 27. What could I tell her from my perspective now?


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