where your heart resides

Let your heart

be your permanent place of residence

so God can always find you home.


-Frank Coppieters


Most of my life, it seems, I’ve been moving. I’ve lived many adventures and seen many places because of that, but…..

….when I was a girl, I never wanted to leave my friends behind and I didn’t want to leave the comfort of the familiar: our house and neighborhood. Simply put, I longed to stay put.

But I listened to and trusted my parents who assured me with each move that I’d find good friends in my new neighborhood and make my way just fine in an unfamiliar school and that a different landscape would hold beauty as well. After living through many moves – I learned they were right. I grew to be brave. I gleaned confidence and a bigger world view.

Funny how, as an adult, the same has been true for me. I packed up and moved my children several times. I’ve moved since they’ve been grown. I’m currently so mobile I’m living and moving around in a 40-foot RV. There’s something of a gypsy in my soul, I guess.

I find that flittering here and there movement, though, bleeding over into my beliefs, in my attention span with long term goals, and in sticking with things when I tire of them. I don’t think this is good.

But then, a loving guru who tangibly radiated kindness, met with me amidst soft pink roses and southern California sunlight in his simple home years ago, and told me, as he held my hand in his for the purposes of a reading, that I was like a bird who moves from flower to flower and when I’ve absorbed all the fragrance or nectar that is available for my good, I move on.

I think I cringed a little at his recognition of this tendency.

“This is a very good thing,” he assured me very seriously, “This is when you are most powerful.”

“You have the courage to move on and change. Most people,” he added, “Don’t.”

How soothing that twist in perspective was to hear.

You mean, rather than being flighty (although what is a bird, if not flighty?) I’m simply curious and because of that more conscious?

Regardless of where we physically find ourselves living and working and playing and teaching and learning and growing and yes, maybe moving, perhaps what’s most important is that we keep an honest, pure and vulnerable heart.

Perhaps it’s the most important, permanent place for us to remain regardless of what’s going on around us.

Can living from our hearts be painful? Yes.

But can it also be euphoric? Oh, yes.

If we’re compassionate, clear and open, then we do, indeed, reside in view of our heart, and there, I’m sure, God can find us.

Isn’t that comforting…and also liberating? Don’t you want to register your permanent address as your heart? Don’t you feel you’d be right where you belong?

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