loveIn those simple relationships of loving husband and wife,


affectionate sisters,


children and grandmother,


there are innumerable shades of sweetness


and anguish


which make up the pattern of our lives


day by day.


-Willa Cather


This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Next month will be Father’s Day. And then there are all the birthdays and anniversaries we celebrate with our families.

Sweetness and anguish within familial relationships?

Ahh yes.

They pattern and carve, paint and compose our days.

But we are the creators.

How we see them, enjoy them, tolerate them, are influenced by them; all depends on the innumerable shades we embrace. It’s always our choice.

We hold the paintbrush. We have the chalk.

The carving tool is in our hands and the form we live with will emerge from our heart.

Cather refers to them as simple relationships.

Are they?

I would say they’re often anything but.


Breathe deep. Be aware and look at them again.

What we focus on is always what expands.

The answer changes to yes – if we stay centered in love.

We hold that power and we are responsible for the resonance of our energy field.

They really are simple relationships if we make them so.

If we count ourselves fortunate and full for having them.

Release any need to be right.

Release any expectation of change.

As the sage Osho said, “Joy is a function of immense acceptance.”

It’s freeing to realize and accept that people are going to be who they are. It’s not up to you to change them.

Just stay loving.

That is when the shades of sweetness expand to beautifully illuminate the pattern of our lives, day by day.

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