Just look at the detail in this quilt square. I’m impressed with the shadow and depiction of movement.

It was aptly named, “Bounce.”

Are you old enough to remember Superballs? Those tie-dyed looking colored balls that came out in the late 60s/early 70s that bounced “super” high with the lightest drop? As a kid, I was amazed and had some fun with those. Such little things and yet so much motion.


The woman (from Puyallup, Washington) who created this quilt, wrote:

A bounce is a metaphor for what happens to us in life


and how we deal with it.


You can bounce back from a setback,


or you can jump for joy.


How well do you bounce?


Well I don’t know that we have to hold ourselves to a super bounce status after a setback, but can you bounce back a little better than a deflated or neglected flat ball that just splats flat on the ground and doesn’t come back up again? Can you find the life lessons and character building that we gain from setbacks? The wisdom?

Sure you can.

Keep yourself inflated with the ability to stay in the game of life, the courage and the optimism and the strength and the faith to rise again. And again. And yet again.


And the wisdom to know that at times the trajectory is down. That’s okay. It will all be okay.

And as with a ball, it helps if someone is there to catch you and play a bit.

Wishing you a bouncy feeling day and the ability to come back up after hitting the ground.

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