Well, Thanksgiving is over and you know what that means…..the official start of the holiday season.

If you can post these words somewhere, they can be a great reminder that will guide your holidays.

They’ll help you check your energy,

remember and define your purpose

and realize the effect being around you has on other people (and you DO have an effect).

The eight words?


Full is beautiful.


Frantic is a buzz kill.


Having a full schedule during the holiday season, people to love and care for and family to visit or host, is beautiful. You’re blessed.

Being frantic, stressing about more on your to-do list than you can accomplish, committing to more obligations than there are hours in a day, cards and packages to mail, lights to hang, halls to deck, and purchasing too many gifts that will strain your budget all make for frantic.

Take a step back before you step forward into the season.


Put your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and really feel gratitude. While there, feeling your heartbeat and your hands rising and falling with your breath, know that you, that deep down in your soul/spirit you, have the power to choose and act accordingly.

You’re brilliant that way.

Picture peace.


Do one less thing each day than you think you HAVE to do.

Walk your street and look at Christmas lights against the night air.

Visit someone who may be alone or struggling and be a light for them.

You decide.

Soldier or Dancer?

You can march to an external beat or twirl to an internal joy.

Obedient or Visionary?

You can mindlessly, obediently follow every to-do list or picture your holiday season the way you desire it to be.

You’ll radiate that to others.

I guarantee it.

Full, yes, is beautiful.

Frantic is a buzz kill.

I wish you the twirl, in the light of heavenly stars.

It’s a gift you not only to give to others, but to yourself and your health, as well.

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