We’re six weeks into the new year and I’m a bit tardy in sharing this with you for the new year.

We’ve already waded ino it, haven’t we?

But we’ve only just gotten our feet wet.

If there’s one thing that 2016 taught me, deep down in my heart and soul, it’s this:



It could all be gone tomorrow.


Always remember that.


Carrying this bit of awareness with us as we move through our days reminds us to cherish

and relish

and notice

and appreciate;


and smile

and most of all, I think,

to love.

See the sunrise and stop to be genuinely awestruck at a sunset.

Notice the color and intricacy of a flower petal.

Feel the air (its heat, its chill, its passing with a breeze) on your skin.

Taste and appreciate the juice of the fruit, or the crunch of the cookie.

Stop and take in the savory aroma of that bacon frying,

the harmony of flavors and color in your salad,

or the comfort of your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Be cognizant that the nourishment of food and the life sustaining properties of water are so abundant and readily available to us.

Let “thank-you” be the prayer on your lips as you eat and drink so easily.

Linger with loved ones.

Listen to friends.

Touch someone who may live alone. Touch is a simple but profound human delicacy you may one day miss.


I promise you that not only those sweet simple aspects of your life,

but also those large, interwoven aspects of who you are and what you’ve become and how you walk through the world elements,

could all be gone tomorrow.

Just like that.


And remember too,

if you carry this thought in your right pocket,

to keep this one in your left,


We are never more


than one grateful


thought away from


peace of heart.


-David Steindl-Rast




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