We can establish a meditation practice, but why?

Why do we begin?

To get in touch with our inner thoughts?

To loosen those thoughts from any stranglehold they may have on us?

To notice that we are sleeping a little better?

That we have become more patient, a little calmer, less reactive or jumpy?

For our health because we’ve heard the practice can naturally reduce blood pressure,

be healthy for our heart and lungs,

calm the nervous system, etc.?

To be a nicer person?

These are all good, legitimate reasons to meditate.


And knowing this, we may decide to establish a practice. We can begin with 5 minutes, closing our eyes and being mindful of our breath.

It only takes a little attention, a little practice every day.

Maybe we just add a minute at a time.

Maybe we do a little better today than we did yesterday.

Maybe one day in practice we aren’t compiling a grocery list in our head, or replaying a conversation we had or worrying about any number of things where we may be letting our attention focus.

And then maybe one day we experience complete calm, bliss even, and feel light and glowing while sitting calmly and breathing fully.

Little by little, step by step, it happens.

Before we know it, we realize we’ve developed a regular practice.


In meditation we become intensely conscious of the present moment.

This, to me, is the essence of meditation.

Meditation is self-affirming and teaches us how to turn our mind into a compassionate ally.

Through a meditation practice, we become meditative.

Do you see the difference?


Meditation is sitting on the cushion and creating the space and time to practice.

It’s an environment you show up to, to make yourself available to the light.

Then through that practice, before you realize it, you become meditative in body, mind, spirit and energy.

The practice is like growing flowers. If you want the flowers, you create the environment for them.

And they’ll grow.

Being meditative is a fragrance in which you live.


Do each of us have an innate capacity to be meditative?

Yes, we do.

We’re of course, all different, but every ONE of us is capable of this sublime inner, meditative energy.

In this we’re all equally endowed.

How blissfully and joyfully do you want to live?

We’re all equal in our ability to choose.


This is what I love about guiding meditation. Writing about meditation. Practicing meditation.

I enjoy teaching methods I’ve learned here and there across the country to help connect people with this conscious energy.

We begin by doing and then we become.

We begin and stay steady with a meditation practice,

and then we become meditative.

If the ingredients are well mixed, the taste of life is joyful.

If the environment for the flowers is created and nurtured, the fragrance of life is sweet.

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