When someone asks, “what’s your favorite song?” Well, that’s a tough one. Choosing a favorite song is like being asked to choose a favorite child.

In both cases, by the way, it can depend on the day.

And behind every favorite song is a story. Am I right? Some stories are untold and held vividly in our mind’s eye and heart, others we might enjoy telling over and over.

Music can take us back to an exact event, a specific emotion, a relationship, and even a whole zeitgeist of a decade or time in our life with surprisingly, amazingly rich sensory details. Music is so powerful like that.

Me? Some of my best friends are my playlists.

Dear Music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits. – Lori Deschene

Just last week, when both my sons and a friend (in their 20s and 30s) were playing cards with my husband and I, we had a 70’s funk genre playing on Pandora – so much fun! They knew most of the songs, rocked and sang and swayed in their seats to Earth, Wind & Fire, War, KC & the Sunshine Band, Sister Sledge, etc. and eventually, when they couldn’t contain themselves any longer, stood up and broke out in dance to “Pick up the Pieces,” by the Average White Band.

Well, who can help but break out in dance to that? Music makes any time together more fun. And I loved that they knew the songs from our youth. Another testament that good music, really good music, doesn’t have an expiration date.

Have you ever, or do you often, crank up some good music and just dance with abandon? I read somewhere recently that we should never underestimate the healing power of listening to our favorite music on full blast while dancing around the house like an idiot. We do that, well, I do that, often (I shouldn’t throw my husband under the bus on this one).

He knows music well. Theory. Chords. Writes songs. Plays guitar. But lyrics often escape him. It’s the music he focuses on.

I hear the words.

My Brain?

3% Names (they too often escape me)

5% Remembering movies I’ve seen

2% Stuff I should know

90% Song Lyrics

It’s the truth. And don’t you wonder why certain bits of information stay easily accessible in our minds, while others hide?

Another mystery of the universe.

Thank heavens for music. Thank heavens for musicians, poets, songwriters, composers.

We enjoyed this musician on the streets of Rome.

This talented free spirit was playing on the streets of, you can probably guess, Portland, Oregon.

Musicians are a soulful lot.

And music is a universal language in that while we may appreciate certain genres more than others, we all have hearts that are moved by, toes that start tapping to, and voices that want to sing out loud to our favorites.

So sing, dance, tap, get up and move, cry, smile in remembrance, get your groove and your funk on and play.

Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love – play on!”

Yes, yes!

Play on!



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