Seriously – we have on average, 50,000 thoughts a day, and 90 some percent of them are the same we had the day before and without care, they’ll be mostly the same tomorrow.

That’s like carrying the same grocery bags back and forth and back and forth from the car to the garage to the kitchen and then back out again, over and over.

What can we do to get out of the mindless cycle?

Be mindful.

If we’re present and paying attention, we see what the universe is showing us.

When we’re creating something, we’re present.

When we’re learning, we’re present.

When we’re traveling and seeing new places, having new experiences, we’re present.

When we’re really listening to someone and looking for ways to help or soothe, lift or lighten, we’re present.

How can we set down those same old, same old grocery bags? Stop hypnotically treading that same path in our mind from the car to the kitchen and back again?

Even a few minutes of intentional meditation/prayer/silence/gratitude a day make a huge difference.

I spend time in meditation each morning because it makes me mindful of each day, lighter in heart, more purposeful and intentional with the thoughts I carry. And more than carrying – I feel a sense of setting them down and opening space to receive.

Meditation is not really so much a way of making your mind quiet as it is a way of entering into the quiet and intuition and insights that are already there – buried under those 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.

Really, if you have those 50,000 to work with each day, wouldn’t you like them to be richer and more joyful and more aware of the beauty and the people around you? Wouldn’t you like more space inside? To be lighter in spirit and feeling?

It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating to breathe and receive. Breathe and receive with hands and hearts and minds that are alive and aware and open to life.


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