The secret to magic in your life?

It’s really so simple. Maybe not always easy – but simple.

Magic is all around us, if we pay attention.

I remember reading a quote from a British author, who wrote, “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

Oprah Winfrey recently said there are three principles she incorporates into her life every day.

Do you know what the first one was?

She pays attention. I was shouting an Amen to that.

And the more we pay attention during our days, to the beauty that surrounds us, to the signs that are trying to communicate with us, to the whispers, the people who cross our path; the more we’re aware of the magic. I believe we’re missing out on a whole other level of experience when we aren’t aware.

So practice. Try going on a sensory field trip. Often. Go somewhere that has a lot going on: to a park, a garden, a farmer’s market, a hike in the mountains, out at night, or down a busy, bustling city street. And just move slowly. Notice everything like it’s the first time. Really see. Look high, look low, look around, listen, smell, breathe deeply. Watch people, see the leaves flutter on a tree, listen to conversations if there are people near, notice laughter or children playing, babies cooing or crying, birds chirping, crickets under the stars, a brook babbling, ocean waves or the lapping on the lakeshore. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin and how it moves around you. Notice the ground under your feet. Be aware of any movement.

See slowly. Often for me, pieces of the landscape slow down.

Listen astutely – certain sounds will move to the forefront.

Notice. These field trips train you to open up to more.

Open space in your brain to release thoughts and just let your mind and heart and senses receive.

In the morning, tell yourself, “I am living a life which is abundant with moments in which I may relax, breathe, see the beautiful, give thanks and be joyful today.”

I’ve set my apple watch timer to tap my wrist every 30 minutes to repeat an affirmation I want to be mindful of each day.  That’s been a great help because we get busy, don’t we? And our thoughts can start to “run” us. The tap on my wrist helps train my brain to stay in a mindful and grateful place.



What a beautiful poem, right?


“Real poetry is to live a beautiful life.

To live poetry is better than to write it.”

-Basho – 17th Century Japanese poet


I wish you moments of morning mindfulness as you start each day to believe with all your heart that you have a magical life, and then you’ll be open to it everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.









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