How do you escape the heat when it gets to be a bit much?

Sure, travel is a viable option.

Most of the time.

But how about a virtual escape?

My daughter and I found this cozy bookstore on the shores of Homer, Alaska and got lost for hours inside.

We enjoyed treasure hunting through the piles of books; many vintage. All the while, outside it was in the 50s, whales were spouting and halibut were swimming in the cold spit of the sea.

Seeing all these books again reminds me that Alaska dreaming is an escape from the heat, but also that reading is a viable escape.

I’ve already enjoyed two books this summer.

Both from the library.

Commonwealth is a beautifully written book that weaves what follows for four parents and six children after a chance encounter between two of the parents. The narrative skills Patchett possesses are so impressive, with 10 protagonists and settings across the globe. I was enthralled.

The Vacationers was a classic summer read, in that it was light with a predictable ending, but was intelligent and fun and the family is vacationing in Spain – so what’s not refreshing about that?

And then there are creative projects.

Just thinking of this Christmas quilt I finished last winter makes me cool. Do you ever work on Christmas or other holiday gifts in the heat of July? I love it when I am organized and forward thinking enough to finish them in the summer, because it feels so good to be ready and relaxed about gift giving when December arrives.

I don’t know – just working with these Christmas themed, wintery fabrics, pieced to resemble colorfully wrapped gifts and then stitched up into a pattern that looked like swirling gusts of frosty wind, filled my head with visions of snowflakes and cold winter winds blowing outside.

How do you escape the heat when you feel the need?

Happy July and August! I wish you happiness during the long sunny days and I also wish you creative, fulfilling projects or easy, breezy books when it’s the shade of a tree or the comfort of an air conditioned room you desire.


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