Parting Thoughts

How I’ve loved the last four years in the Pacific Northwest. How I’ve loved the abundance of green and the prolific gardens. We’ve been tucked in Salem, an hour from the quirky fun of Portland, an hour from the radiant beauty of the powerful Pacific and an hour from the gift of time with my oldest son near Eugene. Oregon, in a word, has been gentle. I’ve felt nurtured and calm and held here. I’ve written about and photographed its beauty for different publications. My soul has thrived. I’ve seen my husband transform and come into his own in ways

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How to move with change

Life is always changing; we are always changing. We live in a river of change, and a river of change lives within us. Every day we’re given a choice: We can relax and float in the direction that the water flows, or we can swim hard against it. If we resist the river, we will feel rankled and tired as we tread water, stuck in the same place. If we go with the river, the energy of a thousand mountain streams will be with us, filling our hearts with courage and enthusiasm.   -Elizabeth Lesser, from Broken Open   We’re

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A blessing for change.

I read of a father who never hugged his daughter good-bye without saying this blessing: “May every place you be make it hard for you to leave. May every person you love make it hard for you to say good-bye.” I loved this. If you’ve moved many times in your lifetime, like I have, you know what it’s like to leave a place. Yes, there have been a few that didn’t merit so much as a look in the rear view mirror. But they’re the exception. Most have been difficult to leave because there’s beauty in every place on earth.

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