NASA, girls and the greatest wonder of all

  Ahh, NASA. To infinity and beyond. Space exploration. My daughter works at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She’s a pilot and a marketing guru and deeply involved in the world of drones or perhaps more accurately, how drones will become more and more a part of our world, and how to regulate, safely manage and also dream about the possibilities they present.

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Overheard in the garden

“Is it called a garden because there are lots of plants, Grandma?” asks the little boy as he hops and stops and bends and sniffs, looks up to the treetops and under leafy growth in the mulch and turns eventually to see if his grandmother is still close behind. “That’s the story,” she replies. And they continue on their way. I’m charmed by this little exchange as I pass them on the garden path.   This is how we learn as children. Piece by piece. Experience by experience. Everything’s fantastic and interesting and there’s something new around each bend. Curiosity

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