Where is inspiration anyway?

Inspiration is a funny thing; a complex companion. At times it wakes you, startles you, surprises you from the most unlikely places, or whispers to you, “write this down so you’ll remember,” or “do something about this.” Elizabeth Gilbert, in Big Magic, writes: “Inspiration is trying to send me messages in every form it can – through dreams, through portents, through clues, through coincidences (I don’t believe in coincidences), through deja vu, through surprising waves of attraction and reaction, through the chills that run up my arms, through the hair that stands up on the back of my neck, through

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Bouncing back.

Just look at the detail in this quilt square. I’m impressed with the shadow and depiction of movement. It was aptly named, “Bounce.” Are you old enough to remember Superballs? Those tie-dyed looking colored balls that came out in the late 60s/early 70s that bounced “super” high with the lightest drop? As a kid, I was amazed and had some fun with those. Such little things and yet so much motion.   The woman (from Puyallup, Washington) who created this quilt, wrote:

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