How to have a magical life.

The secret to magic in your life? It’s really so simple. Maybe not always easy – but simple. Magic is all around us, if we pay attention. I remember reading a quote from a British author, who wrote, “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Oprah Winfrey recently said there are three principles she incorporates into her life every day. Do you know what the first one was? She pays attention. I was shouting an Amen to that. And the more we pay attention during our days, to the beauty that surrounds

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Four steps to create a mobile meditation space

Here I find myself on the road again. In a hotel again. Texas this time, Dallas, then Waco, then Austin, y’all. So, travel. Are you someone who loves it? It’s one of my favorite indulgences (or is it a necessity?) in this world. There are so many beautiful places, different climates and landscapes, so many interesting people and different cultures (even within the U.S.) to experience. I always learn so much, have so much fun, enjoy different foods and relish the feeling of exploring new landscapes. What’s not to love? Well the one thing I missed, was a quiet space

What to see on a road trip

I love a road trip. I love the things I see, really see, you know, that deep down in your soul kind of sight, while moving across the landscape. I’ve taken many road trips with my husband and recently road tripped across the country with my daughter. I used to road trip with my four kids in tow. I’ve road tripped up and down the Oregon coast on a couple occasions with different girlfriends. My parents took me and my siblings on more road trips than I can count when we were kids and were still at it when we

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How do you want to feel?

I’ve written here often about healthy, organic food wisdom and choices. Lamented that we don’t cook and bake and prepare more food at home. Admonished slowing down and really tasting our food. I love the cooking of food, the chopping, the squeezing juices out of this fruit or that, the broiling, the mixing, the aromas, the coming together of a meal.   But then there’s the mess. Ugh. The flour trailings, the pieces of vegetable that rolled or otherwise escaped to the floor, the sticky spots, the splatters on the stove and of course, that inevitable¬†stack of dirty dishes, pots,

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these six words.

There was one unobtrusive moment, when Wayne Dyer awoke from sleep in the pre-dawn hours (as he was wont to do) just before he slipped his feet into the sandals by his bedside, when he closed his eyes and said softly, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I knew I’d remember that. These six words, on the mornings I’m mindful enough to whisper them the very first thing in the morning, have made a big difference in my attitude and gratitude and outlook and interactions. “Thank you.” “Thank you.” “Thank you.” Then I settle in with a morning meal and

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