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When you have all that you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.   We all have enough, don’t we? In fact, we all have more than we need. There is certainly plenty to go around. We have a daughter who is motorcycling her way through southeast Asia — by herself. She is brave and adventurous and loves that part of the world; loves the humble, generous people she meets. She’s told her Dad and I many stories of strangers she’s met, who usually have so little, yet always offer her a meal (often lodging for the night,


  The soul is here for its own joy. -Rumi   We’re all spinning on this beautiful blue planet moving through space around a star. How often do you ponder that?

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the unimaginable

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. -Mary Oliver And so, in every exceptional, beautiful, expansive, joyful, delightful, makes you close your eyes and sigh deeply at the possibility of it kind of way. keep an open heart. Let the air and the light in. Throw away any key that might lock it or tie that might tightly bind it . Close your eyes, breathe deeply and see your detailed vision. Feel, really feel, the unimaginable – whatever that is for you. Let it sparkle in your mind’s eye. Your heart is meant to hold such pleasures. Joys

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