How do you deal with difficult people?

  They’re out there, aren’t they? Difficult people. Sometimes you can walk away. Sometimes you can leave them behind. Sometimes, because they’re family or a next-door neighbor – they’re going to be part of your life until the end of days – or until you move. In any case, whether brief or excruciatingly lengthy – you have to deal with them.

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A blessing for change.

I read of a father who never hugged his daughter good-bye without saying this blessing: “May every place you be make it hard for you to leave. May every person you love make it hard for you to say good-bye.” I loved this. If you’ve moved many times in your lifetime, like I have, you know what it’s like to leave a place. Yes, there have been a few that didn’t merit so much as a look in the rear view mirror. But they’re the exception. Most have been difficult to leave because there’s beauty in every place on earth.

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By now you are wise.

Know that you are an anchor and a light for many around you. Let this not be a burden, let this be your strength.   I went to a spiritual intuit who channeled information that I’m a healer and a light worker. This came as a surprise to me. Afterward it felt like so much pressure….. What should I be doing? And healing? Where should I be shining this proverbial light? Until I realized, through being still, praying and meditating on it, that I’m doing what I should be doing. I just had to get over myself, already. Get out

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