Four steps to create a mobile meditation space

Here I find myself on the road again. In a hotel again. Texas this time, Dallas, then Waco, then Austin, y’all. So, travel. Are you someone who loves it? It’s one of my favorite indulgences (or is it a necessity?) in this world. There are so many beautiful places, different climates and landscapes, so many interesting people and different cultures (even within the U.S.) to experience. I always learn so much, have so much fun, enjoy different foods and relish the feeling of exploring new landscapes. What’s not to love? Well the one thing I missed, was a quiet space

Behind every favorite song…

When someone asks, “what’s your favorite song?” Well, that’s a tough one. Choosing a favorite song is like being asked to choose a favorite child. In both cases, by the way, it can depend on the day. And behind every favorite song is a story. Am I right? Some stories are untold and held vividly in our mind’s eye and heart, others we might enjoy telling over and over.

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