How do you want to feel?

I’ve written here often about healthy, organic food wisdom and choices. Lamented that we don’t cook and bake and prepare more food at home. Admonished slowing down and really tasting our food. I love the cooking of food, the chopping, the squeezing juices out of this fruit or that, the broiling, the mixing, the aromas, the coming together of a meal.   But then there’s the mess. Ugh. The flour trailings, the pieces of vegetable that rolled or otherwise escaped to the floor, the sticky spots, the splatters on the stove and of course, that inevitable¬†stack of dirty dishes, pots,

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If you were 87

I’m 87 years old as I write this. Well, I’m imagining I am, taking a few minutes to get myself in that mindset, before I write my current self this letter. What would I say? What would I tell myself to go for? What would I tell myself to release? At 87, what makes me most proud? What makes me the happiest? What, at 87, do I wish I’d done? Not regret – because I’m too wise at 87 to waste time on regret – but what do I wish I’d done? What things would I remind my current self

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