NASA, girls and the greatest wonder of all

  Ahh, NASA. To infinity and beyond. Space exploration. My daughter works at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She’s a pilot and a marketing guru and deeply involved in the world of drones or perhaps more accurately, how drones will become more and more a part of our world, and how to regulate, safely manage and also dream about the possibilities they present.

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In the Night Garden

Twilight. That exquisite period after sunset between daylight and darkness, is too often, for many of us, a missed opportunity to be outside in the garden. If you haven’t been under the spell lately of twilight, with its not yet starry sky, when the hot summer sun has disappeared beneath the horizon; orange, pink, and then a soft silver blue still linger until that ethereal twilight blue deepens the canvas into a night sky……then seriously? Make it a priority. Is there anything as rich as a summer night? A summer night is the rewarding, refreshing dessert to be savored after

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