Yin Yoga for tight places

I had a physical therapist, specializing in myofascial massage tell me I had the tightest fascia he’d ever worked on. It would have been nice to have had the tightest something else here or there on my body he’d ever worked on, but alas, it was my myofascia. Apparently, this is not a good thing.

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Dig. Stretch. Drink.

DIG, STRETCH, DRINK. Three words that will take you a long way toward happier, healthier gardening this summer. My lower back and knees don’t let me garden for more than about 30 minutes before I have to stand and stretch.   And I only have a little patch of a garden dotted with several pots of annuals. Stretching, keeping hydrated, utilizing the right muscles and tools, and incorporating stretches into your gardening tasks can keep aches and pains away. In an article in Phoenix Magazine (May, 2015), Scott Bautch, D.C. says, “Anytime you’re doing activities your body is not used

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